Best Restaurants and Cafe in Chittagong

Thinking where to eat? Here's best beautiful restaurants in Chittagong near GEC, Agrabad, Jamal Khan. Recommended to couple, family for buffet.

Chittagong's cuisine is a fusion of international and Bangladeshi cuisine. Here are some of the best and most outstanding restaurants in town, serving everything from Mexican cafes to more continental fare.

The city of dreams is Chittagong, also referred to as Chattogram. The city, which is well known for its friendliness and is the Mezbani's home, is a foodie's delight. Chittagong offers it all, from charming cafes to some of the world's top restaurants. Everything from traditional food to more global and continental fare is available.

Best and Top 10 Restaurants in Chittagong

Radisson Blu Bay View

Radisson Blu Bay View  Restaurant in Chittagong

The Radisson Blu Chattogram Bay View offers guests a choice of four chic restaurants, which puts international foodies right at home. The Xchange has their wonderful Super Breakfast buffet every morning and a supper buffet at night, while the 20th-floor Mezetto specializes in modern Mediterranean cuisine. In between meetings, grab a quick snack at the Port Bar & Deli, where you can also unwind with a classic cocktail or a glass of great wine. Stop by the Baikal Bar in the evenings to enjoy live music.

The hotel's on-site restaurant offers guests a distinctive eating experience, and it is conveniently located for guests who like to eat nearby. On request, packed lunches can be made for those who have day trips scheduled.

Saint's Cafe

Saints Cafe Best Cafe in Chittagong

One of the greatest dining establishments in the Chittagong city. A great spot to hang out with your family and friends that has a nice atmosphere, is tastefully decorated, is located in the center of the city, and serves decent food. While drinks are somewhat pricey, food is reasonably priced. Italian cuisine predominates. Furthermore, their bakery is superb.

This is one of the best places to hang out with your friends and Best couple restaurant in GEC Chittagong. If you are looking for a good crowd and a quiet location for any type of business or personal meeting, this is a very good place. They have a wide range of coffees on their menu as well as food for a snack or main meal. 

Rhapsody - Music Cafe

Rhapsody Best Restaurant and Cafe in Chittagong

Rhapsody is one of the best music cafe in Chittagong. Their unplugged music system is the kind that suits their place. The place is smaller than you would expect a music lounge to be. Their menu is good. The food I tasted was nice. The environment is cozy and comforting. It's got more of a vibe of friendly hangouts. Their voice artists are awesome. They have a different range of songs for different audiences. Recommended for their approach to trying something different in the beautiful restaurant scene in Chittagong.

Daily Mezzan

Daily Mezzan Best Restaurant and Cafe in Chittagong

A very popular restaurant nowadays in CTG. The quality of the food is very good. It can be said that it is famous for Chatgaiya Mezban. Their Beef Akhni, in particular. The authentic taste of Chatgaiya Mezbaani is combined with a charming interior and cozy atmosphere. One of the most famous Mezbaani restaurant in Chittagong with traditional foods.


Bonjour Best Restaurant and Cafe in Chittagong

It is very spacious and beautiful. They have 2 floors. The third ground is for feasts or programmes for three hundred people, and the second ground is for eating and buffets. Buffet gadgets had been plenty; flavor had turned into a very proper, proper quantity of appetizers and dishes, and the fine element turned into dessert. The dessert selection is far more elegant and extensive than at other Chittagong buffets. Service turned into a pinnacle notch. Highly recommended for buffet restaurant in Chittagong. Location of restaurant near in GEC, Chittagong.

Bir Chattala

bir chattala Best Restaurant and Cafe in Chittagong

One of the famous and trendy restaurants in Chittagong with outstanding interior design. The interior contains many old items from the 80's and 90's, especially those related to music. A real feeling of going back to the good old days Their menu is a mix of recent trends and ancient traditions. This is a place you should eat at least once if visiting Chittagong. The whole place has a retro Bengali theme and the food is amazing. Also, the hygiene precautions they take are excellent. The most popular dishes are biriyani, shahi jorda, and Bela biscuit with cha. Location of restaurant near in Jamal Khan, Chittagong.

Mejjainna Bari

Mejjainna Bari Best Restaurant and Cafe in Chittagong

Special restaurant for mezbaani lovers in Chittagong. They offer traditional mezbaan special food. Mezbani Dal, Nola, Meat and Rice are the main attractions of this restaurant. Food quality is also good. If you are a Chittagonian, or if you are not but love the traditional foods of Chittagong and Mejban, then Mejjainna Bari is the place for you.

The Arrosto

the arrosto Best Restaurant and Cafe in Chittagong

Continental places to eat. They are famous for their set menus and dessert meals. Their set meals include a variety of main dishes to try, such as Peri Peri Chicken Meal, BBQ Chicken Meal, BBQ Fish Meal, and others. They have a wide range of seafood dishes and plates are also popular. The atmosphere is pleasant and has a calming effect. Most of their customers are university-college students, so this place isn't the quietest! Overall, the price is reasonable, the food is good, and the environment is also very nice. Perfect for hosting and holding meetings with friends.

Barcode Cafe

barcode cafe Best Restaurant and Cafe in Chittagong

If there's one great cafe in Chittagong, it's definitely Barcode Cafe! They have revolutionized the food and catering industries in Chittagong. This is one of their flagship stores in Chittagong. Food: Their selection is huge. Italian desserts, continental, macaws, coffee. Shakes, meals, and more. It's all great and great taste! Service: top notch. The staff have a good attitude and are kind.


7dayz Best Restaurant and Cafe in Chittagong

Kacchi Biriyani and Chicken Dum are popular dishes. It is inexpensive compared to others. And for the most part, Lunch time is always crowded, and you have to wait at least half an hour to get a seat. Due to their limited siege capacity, not recommended for a date. For a quick meal, this is highly recommended. 7Dayz Restaurant is located in Agrabad and 2no. Gate, Chittagong.

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