Chander Pahar: An African Adventure by Bibhutibhushan

The highest budget film ever made in Bengali language film is Chander Pahar or "Mountain of the moon". Based on the famous novel Bibhutibhushan


Chander Pahar: An African Adventure by Bibhutibhushan

The highest budget film ever made in Bengali language film is Chander Pahar or "Mountain of the moon". Based on the famous novel Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay's famous novel Chander Pahar and produced by Sri Venkatesh Films.

This film is directed by Kamleshwar Mukherjee and tells the thrilling story of Shankar Roy Chowdhury, a Bengali adventurer who leaves his ordinary career and travels to remote Africa. The story deals with the natural disasters and wildlife of Africa's forested mountains and deserts. In this context, CGI and visual effects have to play a special role as an essential part of filming. The film also had the obligation to add international casting as the story was based in Africa. The purpose of this article is to show how impressive the director Kamaleshwar was in making his movie.

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While seeing the Chander Pahar, thrills such as those experienced in the Oscar-winning movies 'Life of Pi' and the Oscar-nominated 'Into the Wild' are felt instinctively. However, the visual suggests that Kamaleshwar's team had a difficult time instilling the desired emotion in the minds of the audience. This fascinating picture is a production that is both inspiring and daring. The protagonist of the Chander Pahar is a young Shankar, who hails from a humble Bengal village. Adventures This young man is bright, self-assured, and enthusiastic about taking on new challenges. In 1909, the young man's story began. Shankar moved to Uganda to work on the Mombasa Railway that same year. However, before he can reach Africa, he has go through all of the horrible experiences.

The escape of a lion, as well as the escape of a black mamba snake while sleeping, are two examples. He, on the other hand, is not the one who must be tamed. By chance, I ran into the Portuguese adventurer Diego Alvarez in a hazardous area one day. In the deep forest, he is Alvarez's lifeguard who has been injured. Alvarez is motivated by his thrilling life when he discloses his genuine reason for traveling to Africa. The Richtersveld diamond cave is their next stop. Bunip, the dreadful beast who stands guard over the cave. The film Chander Pahar or Mountain of the Moon is based on the events of those days on the difficult path.

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The big budget Chander Pahar is a unique exception as a Bengali film plot. He is also known for his exceptional efforts in making techniques. The visual narration as well as the voice narration makes the storytelling easier. Because, the description and word choice of Kamaleshwar's narration is very neat. DOP Soumik Haldar has done the scenes of the film with great courage. In its frame, the lion, the black mamba, has been presented from various angles, intimidating. Indradeep Dasgupta & Devajyoti Mishra remarkable musicality has expressed the suppressed thrill in eloquent language. In other words, the story of the film that is told in Africa has been felt in the tactical of music. Violence of wild animals has appeared in the Chander Pahar or mountains of the moon innumerable times. That violence is sometimes expressed in graphics, and sometimes it is felt by looking at the mutilated remains of the victim.

It's also worth mentioning that the makeup is highly professional. Shankar's thirsty lips imprisoned in the cave, bloodshot eyes after losing consciousness, body color, teeth color, and scorched skin can all be used to prove that he hasn't eaten in the Kalahari desert for a long time. Furthermore, while the graphics of Bunip's trap are impressive, the dynamic portrayal of Vesuvius' eruption appears to be a complete fabrication. In the passage, there is a clear lack of trustworthiness. The fact that the long-haired Shankara lost weight and thinned in Kalahari without sufficient food and water for a long time has been displayed quite consciously by the producer, which is very noteworthy.

The length of Shankar's hair, as well as his beard and mustache, were regarded to have been able to preserve continuity in the Kalahari scenario in subsequent times in the sequence of being imprisoned in the cave of Bunip. There is no doubt that the film's screenplay is exceptional. The account is consistent with the inclusion of the Swahili, Somali, Masai, Metabalis, and Zulu communities in Africa. On the other hand, seeing the ill Shankara tumble to the ground again and over again is really irritating.

In this film, the dialogues are incredibly moving. 

"Before you die, it makes no difference how long you live. It's time to consider how much longer you'll live when you die..."


The Portuguese or Africans in the Chader Pahar like the Bengali pronunciation in various scenes. After all, Alvarez, the Portuguese friend, British explorer Jim Carter, and Shankar's character, the Italian sailor Attilio Gatti, aren't to be surpassed. Out of his usual image, Dev has acted in this diverse picture in a unique way. This characterization, which is a blend of simplicity, courage, intelligence, kindness, and an upbeat attitude, was quite difficult to come up with.

In the Kalahari desert, Shankar has lost his way. In this case, saving one's life is challenging. He doesn't know how to get back to Rhodesia. Again, there isn't much energy left in the body to go on a short hike. Vultures circled above his head as he died in the desert due to a lack of water, tearing him apart and eating him. It's admirable that he expressed his helplessness at this moment. Furthermore, the dramatic coincidence at the end of the film is worth remembering for a long time. As a result, it goes without saying that Kamaleshwar's Chander Pahar can warm the adventure-loving hearts of film lover.

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